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Energy Credits

There are often Energy Credits available from the utility companies for people installing or upgrading to SPF insulation. Here are a few links to get you started:


Spray Foam Insulation is "Green"

Savings on energy reclaims our natural resources and your hard earned dollars. Spray Tight's professional installation of polyurethane applications are energy efficient, totally seamless and will eliminate air and moisture infiltration. Our services will save our customers on the ever-rising cost of energy.

Our products use state of the art technology with unique properties that will strengthen the integrity of your home or building. These products are green because they are bio-degradable and reduce carbon emissions, which benefits the earth.

Health benefits are also characteristics that make SPF a green product. Interior environments are protected from outdoor elements such as mold and allergens resulting in healthier living spaces.

Many customers are unaware of the importance of air barriers. Spray polyurethane foam is a technological advantages that offers many benefits to both the consumer and the environment.