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Spraytight Inc. is based in Metamora, Michigan and we have been spraying polyurethane foam (SPF) for over 20 years + have applied over a million square feet of foam. Here are the main reasons you should consider us for your next project:

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Our focus is to complete your project right the first time and to your satisfaction. No questions asked!

  • Competitive Pricing: Estimating costs is always a tricky situation, but once we have inspected your building, we do our best to price your project at or below your estimated budget.

  • Reliability & Dependability: We know how frustrating it can be when an individual or provider doesn’t show up on time, so we make it our priority to be at your location…on time!

  • Extensive Experience: We know foam, as we have applied over a million square feet of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) over the past twenty or more years.

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"Michigan Contractor Takes Quality on the Road"

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Eric Qualls is a jet-setter. He may be in Napa Valley one month and Mexico City the next, and last year you could have found him on-set of a film being shot in Michigan. No, Qualls isn’t the next tabloid-gracing socialite. He’s a spray foam contractor whose quality work has given him a professional following across the globe, and some quirky job proposals at that.

"Improperly Insulated Oil Tanks Rehabbed With Spray Polyurethane Foam"

Featured Article

After several years of exposure to the elements, industrial steel oil tanks that are not properly insulated can rust and deteriorate, causing dangerous and costly problems. Consumers Power, a major energy company servicing Michigan, recognized that three of their oil tanks were in dire need of new insulation after an insufficient coating application caused them to rust and deteriorate. The existing insulation and subsequent coating was not applied at the proper thickness. So, the company contacted SPRAYtight, Inc., a contractor with experience insulating tanks who had worked with them before, to re-insulate the tanks and give them new life.

"Improperly Insulated Oil Tanks Rehabbed With Spray Polyurethane Foam"

Featured Article

A spray foam roofing system provides a watertight solution for a leaky EPDM roof. Leaky roofs can be a hassle to deal with, but imagine the difficulty of addressing a leaking roof the size of one and a half football fields. Add to that situation a water treatment facility, and you have a major headache. Because water treatment plants are responsible for decontaminating their city’s water, it’s particularly important that outside water not infiltrate the facility….

"Case Study: Tricky Michigan Roof Receives New Life With Spray Foam "

Featured Article

Spray Tight Foam Insulators, a respected regional spray foam contractor, was in the process of installing spray polyurethane foam insulation throughout the interiors of a commercial facility in River Rouge, Mich. After applying 80,000 square feet of two-inch spray foam insulation with a DC 315 thermal barrier to the facility, the owner and occupier, who had been contemplating a major roof retrofit, decided on spray polyurethane foam as the replacement system.

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I have been spraying foam for over 20 years and have applied more than one million square feet of foam, from new built homes to industry complexes.

I’m diversified in many roofing and insulation systems. My craftsmanship experience varies from foam roofing application to construction systems for a lot of different types of foam and coating applications. We are a family-oriented company looking to help our customer solve their problems.

At the the age of 18, I dreamed of being the best insulator, doing the biggest jobs, and experiencing some of the wildest situations. I still remember the first day I watched someone spraying foam. I was amazed. Soon thereafter I was spraying foam. I loved it!

I’ve had customers tell me I make foaming look easy! My experience since those early days has come a long way, but my not my love of foaming. That has always been my love. 


Foam is my life and if you’re looking to have a quality job done right, look no futher.

Eric Qualls

Eric Qualls

Owner, Spraytight