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Spray Foam Magazine – Carter Oosterhouse is recognized as one of America’s most loved lifestyle experts with a passion for DIY. He first appeared as a carpenter on the TLC series Trading Spaces which propelled him into living room stardom. He went on to host other home improvement and how-to HGTV network shows: Carter Can, Red Hot & Green, and Million Dollar Rooms.

This 6’2” carpenter has model looks, but don’t be fooled, he’s not just handsome with a hammer. This guy knows his spray foam from his batt insulation, and what he doesn’t know he finds out by working with experts in the field. The Spray Foam Magazine team caught up with Carter as he was dashing around the country filming the 11th season of the upcoming show, The Great Christmas Light Flight, which airs on ABC the 3 weeks leading up to Christmas every year.

The youngest of four children, Carter was born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan. He attended Central Michigan University on a rugby scholarship and to this day he remains a sports fan. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in nutrition and communication, Carter moved to Los Angeles to pursue modeling and acting but soon realized his true passion had always been DIY.

Where does spray foam come into this story? A couple of years back the SFMT had the pleasure of interviewing Eric Qualls, owner, and certified sprayer of SPRAYtight Inc, based in Metamora, Michigan. Qualls has 21 years of experience in the spray foam industry and his company has a reputation for quality craftsmanship and reliability. It’s therefore no surprise that he gets some high-profile jobs.

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Case Study: Tricky Michigan Roof Receives New Life With Spray Foam

“Case Study: Tricky Michigan Roof Receives New Life With Spray Foam “

Spray Tight Foam Insulators, a respected regional spray foam contractor, was in the process of installing spray polyurethane foam insulation throughout the interiors of a commercial facility in River Rouge, Mich. After applying 80,000 square feet of two-inch spray foam insulation with a DC 315 thermal barrier to the facility, the owner and occupier, who had been contemplating a major roof retrofit, decided on spray polyurethane foam as the replacement system.

A Watertight Solution For Roofs

A Watertight Solution For Roofs

A spray foam roofing system provides a watertight solution for a leaky EPDM roof. Leaky roofs can be a hassle to deal with but imagine the difficulty of addressing a leaking roof the size of one and a half football fields. Add to that situation a water treatment facility, and you have a major headache. Because water treatment plants are responsible for decontaminating their city’s water, it’s particularly important that outside water not infiltrate the facility….

Improperly Insulated Oil Tanks Rehabbed With Spray Polyurethane Foam

“Improperly Insulated Oil Tanks Rehabbed With Spray Polyurethane Foam”

After several years of exposure to the elements, industrial steel oil tanks that are not properly insulated can rust and deteriorate, causing dangerous and costly problems. Consumers Power, a major energy company servicing Michigan, recognized that three of their oil tanks were in dire need of new insulation after an insufficient coating application caused them to rust and deteriorate. The existing insulation and subsequent coating was not applied at the proper thickness. So, the company contacted SPRAYtight, Inc., a contractor with experience insulating tanks who had worked with them before, to re-insulate the tanks and give them new life.