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Troy Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

Need Spray Foam Insulation in Troy Michigan? SprayTight is The Expert In Spray Foam & Polyurethane Roofing Systems in Troy 48083.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

The living museum in Troy offers a glimpse into Troy’s past. It showcases the evolution of the city from its early days in the 1800’s to the present day. The main building, once called Troy Township, was built in 1927. Troy has kept a lot of the old buildings from back then. Back in the 1800’s they used the early style of cellulose insulation which was newspaper, cardboard, sawdust, and cotton. Those were very flammable; they did not come out with a fire retardant until the 1940’s. With all the research and trail and error we have come up with new types of insulation. One of these new insulations is spray foam insulation. 

Spray foam insulation is great at insulating homes. Spray foam insulation expands and gets into all the nooks and crannies making it great for noise reduction, reducing air infiltration, and moisture transmission. Using spray foam insulation can cut your heating and cooling bills in half with everything that it does. 

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Troy is a thriving center of business, particularly in the automotive and financial sectors, and is home to a number of major companies. Troy has the second highest cumulative property value in Michigan, second only to Detroit. Troy is home to the Somerset Collection mall, featuring a skywalk and over 180 stores, and the Oakland Mall. The Top of Troy is the city’s tallest building with offices of PNC Financial Services. Bank of America maintains a major operations center in Troy. Big Beaver Rd, Adams Rd, 14 Mile Rd, John R.