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Spray Foam Insulation

Commercial, Residential & Industrial Applications

(SPF) Spray Foam Insulation will help you save on energy costs and lowers utility bills by creating a tight seal and preventing air movement. The US Department of Energy (DOE) studies show that 40% of your home’s energy is lost due to air infiltration. This air infiltrates the home in the form of drafts through walls sockets, windows and doorways. Spray foam expands and completely fills every tiny hole and crevasse providing a superior air seal combined with a powerful R-Value per inch of installed spray foam.

In addition to lowering costs, improving your living environment and saving energy, spray foam insulation is the best way to decrease moisture in your home. To understand the why of the matter, you first need a basic understanding of how spray foam insulation works. The foam fits into the smallest holes and gaps, expanding and hardening in place. This means even the smallest nooks are filled, keeping moisture out of the home. So, you won’t have to deal with problems like household mold or bugs.

Is Your Home Or Business Properly Insulated?

Make Your Building More Energy Efficient!

Does your home often feel too hot or too cool? It might be time to replace the insulation. Get in touch with a spray foam insulation expert at Spraytight Inc. For decades, we’ve been providing the residents throughout Michigan with top-notch insulation services. From your crawl space to your attic, you can count on us to insulate every part of your home or commercial space.

Sprayfoam Insulators in Michign

Choose the right type of insulation for your home.

Not sure what type of insulation you need? You'll get options and guidance when you hire us for your insulation project. We'll help you choose the right material for your home and then install it quickly. You can choose from:

  • Spray foam insulation, to seal up leaks and save on your energy bills
  • Batt insulation, if you're looking for something cost-effective and versatile
  • Blown-in insulation, if you're going for energy-efficient and eco-friendly

Flat Roofing Michigan

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Applications

From home insulation to commercial polyurethane roofing systems and storage tank insulating, we do it all. No matter the insulation need, or what creative project you have in mind, Spraytight has the perfect solution. Call us today for a free estimate. We are the most experienced and the most affordable option for spray foam installation in Michigan!

Veterans Receive 10% Off

As a thank you to our military veterans & active-duty military members, we want to proudly extend a 10% discount. To all of our service members - Thank you for your service!

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Spray Foam Insulation is "Green"!

Savings on energy reclaim our natural resources and your hard-earned dollars. Spraytight’s professional installation of polyurethane applications are energy efficient, totally seamless, and will eliminate air and moisture infiltration. Our services will save our customers on the ever-rising cost of energy.

Our products use state of the art technology with unique properties that will strengthen the integrity of your home or building. These products are green because they are biodegradable and reduce carbon emissions, which benefits earth.

Health benefits are also characteristics that make SPF a green product. Interior environments are protected from outdoor elements such as mold and allergens resulting in healthier living spaces.

Many customers are unaware of the importance of air barriers. Spray polyurethane foam is a technological advantage that offers many benefits to both the consumer and the environment.

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SprayTight On Rehab Addict

“Did everyone tune in to Rehab Addict Lakehouse Rescue with Nicole Curtis on HGTV last night?! Eric Qualls with SPRAYtight, Inc. did a phenomenal job, what an episode!” Credit: HGTV, Nicole Curtis & Rehab Addict Lake House Rescue”