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Spray Polyurea Coatings

Commercial, Residential & Industrial Applications

What is Spray Polyurea? Spray Polyurea is a rapid curing liquid that turns into plastic that is flexible, waterproof, and able to resist chemical submersion. Sometimes the spray polyurea may be applied directly to a substrate and sometimes it may require a primer. Top coats can be added if needed/wanted. Spray polyurea is the best solution for protecting surfaces, enhancing durability, and ensuring longevity. Polyurea coatings play a crucial role in many industries.

What is Spray Polyurea used for? Polyurea is largely used in industrial applications, with its fast-curing time, the service time decreases.

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Polyurea coatings are used for a variety of applications.

There are huge money saving opportunities when it comes to a polyurea coated roof. Not only can it protect your investment due to its long-life span, but it can also can protect your building from severe weather damage.

  • Protection from chemicals
  • Protection from harsh environments
  • Waterproofing
  • Wastewater
  • Flooring
  • Roofing
  • Decking
  • Marine coatings
  • Vehicle coatings
  • Corrosion protection
  • Abrasion Resistance
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What is the cost of Spray Polyurea?

The overall cost varies on factors like roof size, substrate condition, material thickness, choice of top coat, and building location. It’s normally a little higher than what you would normally spend but it requires way less maintenance, meaning, it pays for itself in the long run.

How long does Spray Polyurea last on average?

Spray Polyurea can last for decades (30 to 40 years) with little to no maintenance, even in harsh conditions, as long as it is applied correctly.

Can you use Spray Polyurea on bridges? Yes! Spray polyurea is water resistant, meaning we can spray it on the underneath of a bridge to help protect it from the elements and the bridge will last a lot longer.

What is everything you can use spray polyurea on?

  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Marine structures
  • Chemical and abrasive environments
  • Healthcare and hygienic surfaces
  • Infrastructure and construction
  • Material handling
  • Industrial equipment

Does Spray Polyurea come in different colors? Yes, it comes in your standard colors, such as: black, tan, dark gray, and light gray. You can also get custom colors as well, from bright and bold primary colors to a more subtle and subdued earth tones. A popular option for spray polyurea is metallic colors.  You can also get as variety of texture and pattern options as well.

Can I use spray polyurea on tanks?

Yes, spray polyurea is great to use on tanks. Spray polyurea protects against waste water, has a water tight seal, has a great durability, flexibility, chemical resistance, and a fast cure time. We use spray polyurea on tanks to prevent corrosion, resist abrasion, and impact damage from high winds. All tanks are made from either steel or concrete, as soon as a liquid material is put into the tank, the liquid material will start causing rust on steel tanks.

The concrete tanks, the liquid can freeze and thaw inside, causing the concrete to crack. Putting a spray polyurea coat inside the tanks, makes it to where the steel wont rust and will keep the concrete tanks from cracking and crumbling. If the concrete tank does crack and crumble, the water tight seal of the polyurea will stop it from leaking.  Spray polyurea linings are a unidirectional membrane.

This means they can be molded to poles, pumps or other inner/outer structures. Spray polyurea is available in NSF approved and USDA acceptable to an ANSI-NSF-61 standard, meaning it doesn’t leach substances in or out of the water, meaning that if spray polyurea is used in a tank that has drinkable water inside, the water is still safe to drink without any chemicals being added to the water from the spray polyurea.

The Best Choice for Many Applications

In summary, spray polyurea has a high degree of flexibility, is highly durable, and has a tough coating. Spray polyurea is a rapid curing plastic coating, meaning it has a fast turnaround time and can be done in a very timely manner. Spray polyurea can even be applied to damp surfaces as well. Spray polyurea is a higher costing product, but it pays for itself in the long run by needing little to no maintenance and still lasting 30 to 40 years even in the harshest conditions.